Hotmelt coating and laminating is applied in many high level industries, such as:

  • breathable laminates for outdoor wear
  • laminated fabrics for protective clothing
  • fashionable clothing e.g. lingerie
  • fusible interlining for apparel industry
  • laminated textiles for automotive interior
  • foam and nonwoven laminated textiles and film for furniture, carpets, etc.
  • nonwoven coating and laminating, e.g. isolation material, anti-slip-layers, geo-textil, etc.
  • medical reusable and disposable materials
  • self-adhesive coatings on film, foam, textiles, papers and nonwovens
  • shoe interlining
  • coated and laminated fabrics for a wide range of industrial use, e.g. filter media, abrasive material, book lining, etc.

Hotmelt adhesive application finds it's place in many different industries. Most often they share the same goals:

  • substitute solvent or water based adhesives
  • create new products
  • improve performance of existing products
  • save resources by technological change to hotmelts
  • improve the processing of products